What is a Virtual Private Network: How to Pick One

If privacy and security is your concern, then the internet is not the best place for that. However, we still need the internet to access everything we need in an instant. That’s why myriads of companies have created VPN, short for virtual private network, to make our browsing experience in the web more secure. So why do we need this piece of tech? Continue reading below to find out.

The Importance of VPN

  • VPN helps secure your internet connection to keep your data secure as well as protecting your identity at the same time from malicious websites. We can access internet everywhere: Be it at home, at work, at the park, and even at schools.
  • There’s a high chance that these places mentioned above have public WiFi (except at home of course), which is prone to skilled hackers to gather passwords, browsing history, credit card information, and so on from whoever who connects into it.
  • But thanks to VPN, browsing the web has never been safer. It allows you to browse the internet using encryption from different countries thru IP addresses. With that said, it will help you browse country-specific sites bypassing its restrictions. Take Netflix as an example, where you can watch country-exclusive movies and series with the help of a VPN. So how do VPN works? Let’s find out!

VPN: How it Works

  • Every time you browse the internet, it creates traffic, which is sent to different servers around the world where hackers can take advantage of it. What’s even worst is that the government can spy on your data too without your consent. They can see everything you do online as if they are behind you with an invisibility cloak.
  • And here’s where VPN comes into play. VPN creates a private network that acts as a point to point network between your device (PC, smartphone, etc.) and your chosen VPN server. When you browse a site with the aid of a VPN, it encrypts your traffic and then sends it into the VPN server. What happens next is that the VPN server requests the information from the website you visited and then encrypts it before sending it back to your device.
  • As a result, it keeps your internet secure from any spies lurking around the web, your unreliable internet provider, and of course, the prying eyes of the government that likes to feed on your data.

Choosing the Best VPN

  • With a plethora of VPN providers to choose from, here are key points you should keep in mind when selecting one:
  • User-Friendliness – Choose a VPN that you can connect to in an instant. Not the ones that require complicated actions before you can browse the web at ease.
  • Speed & BandwidthBandwidth is the key to a faster VPN internet experience. Without it, it can run like a snail that keeps customers waiting for several seconds or so. Choose a VPN provider that has an advanced infrastructure for faster internet speed.
  • Multiple Location/Server Support – Your VPN is nothing if it doesn’t have various locations and servers to choose from. So opt for one that supports this feature.
  • Privacy and Security – Of course, what’s the point of using one if you’re not using it to make your internet secure, right? Opt for a VPN provider that has the best layer of security that protects your internet browsing experience, especially that ones that don’t keep a log of your data and uses multiple layers of encryption.