Top Five Browsers That’s Built with Privacy and Security in Mind

The internet is a vast place filled with information and data. And with the help of a browser, we can access almost anything inside the web to get what we need. Want to shop? Do it online. Want to connect with friends? Here’s social media for you. However, everything we do on the internet isn’t a secret. That’s why there are companies today that build browsers to keep our privacy safe and secure. With that said, here are our top five browsers for the privacy-savvy in you.

  1. Tor Browser
  2. Thanks to its built-in hidden relay servers, combined with pre-configured security features, there’s no doubt that Tor browser has its own place in the list. The best way to use Tor browser is to pair it with a reliable VPN to get that powerful encryption and surf to your hearts out. Fancy visiting the dark web? Then Tor browser is for you! Just be careful as you lurk around in there.

Rating: 4.5/5

  • Opera
  • Opera browser begins its popularity in mobile especially during the days where Java and Symbian phones are the thing. However, what most people didn’t know that it also has a PC counterpart that works as well as the mobile version, only with more advanced features. Today, Opera has tons of features that are security-focused. Now you can browse the web in ease thanks to its fraud and malware protection that blocks suspicious scripts and unreliable add-ons.

Rating: 4/5

  • Waterfox
  • Waterfox is like an alternate version of Firefox that was designed to be used on 64-bit Windows back then when Firefox still only runs on 32-bit machines. Looking at its aesthetics, Waterfox shares similarities with its design to Firefox 56. Meaning, it can run both legacy and new add-ons. The best thing about Waterfox is that it offers security features that are absent on Firefox such as tracking protection, for example. However, Waterfox’s development has reached hiatus as the developers are focusing on Firefox, leaving critical security breaches unpatched.

Rating: 3/5

  • Epic Browser
  • If you want privacy to the max, then the Epic browser is for you. Every privacy feature of Epic is turned on by default as soon as you open the browser. It will start sending Do Not Track requests in advance, block cookies, and offers you DuckDuckGo as a search engine if you’re concerned about Google and their suspicious privacy tactics. And it doesn’t stop there, the browser also doesn’t have autofill, auto-syncing, and even spell-check features. Which makes it almost featureless in exchange for your security and safety.

Rating: 4.3/5