Different Connections to Join Pipelines


You will find numerous kinds of end connections used to link several pipelines. Probably the most crucial of these types are welding, flanged, and threaded end connections. Here the three connection ways are going to be briefly introduced as follows: 

What comes first is the threaded end connection. This particular connection type is usually used to link the ending of the valve that is prepared into taper straight pipe thread or pipe together with the tapered tube thread joint or perhaps pipes. Because a connection manufactured in this fashion is going to appear a somewhat significant leakage pathway, the sealant, closing tape or even filling material is utilized to block the passage.

If the content on the valve body could be welded nevertheless its coefficient of development is just too big or maybe the assortment of the working temperature is simply too broad, the threaded link has to be seal welded. The diameter of the valve that is ideal for this relationship is under DN 50. If the DN is just too long, it’s rather hard to set up as well as seal the joint.

Occasionally, to facilitate the setup or even disassemble the valve joined by this particular relationship, pipe coupling can be obtained on the pipeline process in the right areas.

The valve with a lot less length than DN 50 is able to follow the fitting union as the pipe coupling since the screw thread of the fitting union could link the two components together. 

The other category is the flange end connection. The valve linked by flange end is pretty simple to set up and also disassemble. Nevertheless, when compared with the valve joined by the threaded conclusion link, these valves will likely be heavier in fat and also costlier in cost. 

The flange end connection could be popular to link all sorts of water lines with various pressure and sizes since the flanged connection requires significantly less tightening torque than the threaded it. While everything has two sides the same as a coin. The flange end link is definitely not perfect, and it’s its own shortcoming. At the heat, more than 350°C, the flanged joint could acquire leakage since it is going to bear the really high stress when the bolt, flanges and filler piece loosen up and minimize the bolt load. 

The third category is welding end connection. It’s applicable for several temperatures and pressures. As well as in the relatively strong condition, it’s more reliable compared to the flange end connection. But the welding joint also offers its very own demerit. It’s harder to eliminate and reinstall the valve linked by welding way.

While, simply due to the feature, the connection type is particularly suitable for the valve that is anticipated to work for a very long time or may be used in a harsh state like the pipes in nuclear task or ethylene project. Besides, one factor must be concerned. Because the socket weld end connection is going to form a crevice between pipe and socket, it’s likely that the crevice would be corroded by the place. 

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